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    We look forward to getting to know you and to
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  • Rick Ray – CEO

    Rick is CEO of RetailDNA. He carries many years of extensive experience in the business world and has a hand in all aspects of the business. During this period, he has not only led many companies to new heights but also, run many successful ventures predominantly focused on media, digital and broadcasting industries. Rick is a big believer in innovation and latest technologies. It's his mission to keep bringing creative solutions to all verticals of IT, Retail and Media industry. Needless to say, he's a busy man.

  • Randy – Investor/Board of Director

    Randy acts as an investor/board of director and responsible for all aspects of Corporate Strategy & Development at RetailDNA. Being a visionary, Randy sees the big picture and changes course when necessary fostering company culture and its overall management while remaining involved with the development of people, solutions and relationships with our clients and partners.

Industry Solution

Retail DNA with its cutting-edge technology expertise provides an intelligent solution to your retail verticals like inventory management, POS, aisle display, digital promotion, online order making, automating storage management and much more.

Our team of specialists can embed the right technology into your day to day retail environmental duties to achieve the desired results. They are capable of completely transforming you're outdated and hectic manual retail processes of selling, buying, ordering, inventory and, storing too much smoother, cleaner, clearer and, automatic process.

  • Show you real-time inventory informing such as exactly how much you have in hand regardless of the warehouse zone. Intelligent ordering determines the optimum level of inventory needed based on sales data and buying frequency. It helps you pick your favorite snack, coffee, chocolate or any other item online inside a store.

  • Digital interface solution at retail shelves enables two-way communication between inventory management control system and the customers. It can be programmed to send out-of-stock alerts, digital signage & advertising and, temperature monitoring.

  • Digital promotion through videos, pictures, 3D banners that can be played and controlled with just plug and play features from anywhere anytime. You do not require any programming skills at all and still can promote intelligently, intelligently and creatively under digital promotion. From welcome message to coupons distribution, everything can be managed through one system.

  • High-Resolution shelf cameras can be implemented which is responsible to take the photos throughout the day and upload the same pictures/data in the cloud for analysis of stock and sending alerts to management.

  • Beacon technology can be integrated into a retail store to increase marketing, branding and loyalty by sending coupons, offering navigation services, personalized ads, promotions, product information and calls to action features.

  • Digital Price Tags gives access to endless and flawless communication with databases to improve accuracy, inventory management, and marketing services. It also reduces significant fines and frustrations associated with incorrect pricing on the shelf.

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About us

RetailDNA is a pioneer in providing smart and innovative solutions to retail industry. Purpose of our existence is to produce the perfect blend of emerging intellectual technologies such as Machine Learning, IoT and, Artificial Intelligence with customer experience to create groundbreaking digital products and services. We believe in delivering something that can revolutionize the whole retail business and enables them to break-down the existing digital barriers.

Our Mission
To deliver the best retail solutions to make everyone's life easier. We are always on our mark to provide the retail world with inventive design, product and market-defining high-quality solutions to bring the consistent satisfaction.

Our Vision
To furnish unique, innovative and value-added professional services to Retail Industry. We are dedicated to providing a perfect blend of latest evolving technologies, software and great user experience to allow businesses to breakthrough existing retail industry digital boundaries. We value technology, innovation, change, never-ending learning and lifelong relationship with our clients.

Discover yournew Business !

Retail DNA has been a pioneer in Innovation and retail technology. Being hungry for knowledge, understanding, usage, implementation and, benefits of the latest technologies like AI, Machine Learning, intelligent inventory etc. we always work towards developing something creative to make people's life easier.

We provide a wide variety of retail marker solutions and applications which offer real-time, continuous monitoring, report generation and configurable notification. Our application includes features like quick installation, GUI, graphical reporting, outstanding accuracy and stability.

Some of the latest ever growing technologies we work with are:

  • Real-Time Inventory Mangement

    Real-time inventory management optimizes the supply chain, and keeps track of product movement, leading to overall efficiency in business. The business can analyze the data to schedule raw materials or goods optimally, eliminating stock-out situations as well as excessive inventory.

  • Image/Pattern recognition

    TImage recognition is used to perform a large number of machine-based visual tasks, such as labelling the content of images with meta-tags, performing image content search and guiding autonomous robots, self-driving cars and accident avoidance systems.

  • Planogram (POG) customization

    A planogram is a visual plan which designates the placement of products on the shelves and merchandising display fixtures of a retail store. Also Known As POG, it is a store plan that is designed to put your floor plan to maximum use by placing items in a way that makes them sell.

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Artіfісіаl intеllіgеnсе (AI) hаѕ taken the retail world by storm. AI converts the shoppers into customers by providing very personalized and simple shopping experience. AI finds the perfect outfit with gеѕturе rесоgnіtіоn. Not to mention no regret shopping experience with virtual mirrors. AI aids with video analytics to boost security and customer behaviour. The benefits AI will bring to the retail world is endless.

  • Machines Learning

    There will be a huge transforming in retail operations and customer experience by using machine learning. For example, a new concept at retail stores has been introduced named as "Scan and Go Shopping". This is a step in the direction of being able to bypass the checkout process entirely with the use of computer vision, sensors and machine learning.

  • Cloud Technology

    Cloud technology could be the driving force with the potential to change the face of the retail industry. It is definitely going to be changing not only the retail stores are looked at but also be bringing smoother customer experience. It can bring better communication and collaboration among different departments to streamline the business management and hence results. Improved POS, use of cards rather than cash, one-touch payment embedding will bring the cost down and benefits the retail market in numerous ways.